Madam Speaker, the out-of-touch notorious Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has struck again. They have created their own version of restrictions on parenting. These wayward judges rule that parents do not have a constitutional right to prevent a public school from teaching students whatever it wishes, including sexual information.

Instead, they say that the State has ultimate power over the education of our children. This ruling stems from a case filed by parents whose children, ages 7 through 10, were given a survey that asks questions pertaining to sex that are even too expressive to repeat on this House floor.

According to the education police judges, when parents decide to send their child to a public school, the parents lose authority and control over what the child is taught. The State decides.

This ruling violates the Constitution. The Supreme Court long ago ruled that parents do have the fundamental right to make decisions about the care, custody, education, and control of their children. This is just another example of elite judges trying to replace parents with bureaucrats. Out-of-control judges are taking away property rights, our pledge rights, and now they are after our parenting rights. This ought not to be.