Madam Speaker, there is no such thing as a former Marine. Once Marines leave the military they are still Marines in heart and soul and patriotic zeal.

One such Marine is Frank Larison served in Vietnam 14 years in the military. The 58 year old combat veteran lives in Lake Highlands in Dallas.

Like many Marines he has Marine bumper stickers and decals on his vehicle. But the Home Owners Association claims the stickers are advertising which is prohibited under deed restrictions. Marine Larison has been told to remove the stickers or face daily fines and towing.

Larison is not retreating from this battle. Marine Larison has in the unique Marine vocabulary politely refused to peal off any of the red and gold Marine decals. Larison told a Dallas reporter Im not advertising anythingIm just proud to have served my country.

Marine Larison will win this fight with the Association because freedom of speech is still sacred in America whether the Association likes it or not.

There is nothing like a U.S. Marine. They are a breed of their own. They are truly unique, proud Americans. The Association picked the wrong person to do battle with a U.S. Marine.

Semper Fi Frank Larison.
Semper Fi.

And thats just the way it is.