Mr. Speaker, Venezuela's dictator Hugo Chavez is threatening to cut off oil supplies to the United States. Chavez doesn't like the fact America is friendly with Colombia. Since America is the biggest buyer of Venezuelan oil, Dictator Chavez thinks he has a say in American foreign policy.

American dependence on foreign oil poses a national security risk. It makes no sense at all. And why are we paying dictators and tyrants to supply us with energy? We have all of the energy we need right here at home, but we don't produce it. American-made energy provides jobs for Americans, good-paying jobs, the kind of jobs that buy houses and cars and put kids through college.

But the offshore jobs and money are moving to Indonesia, Egypt, Brazil, and Venezuela.

The moratorium on drilling in the Gulf of Mexico threatens America's jobs and economy. It is a national security issue, and it gives a brutal buffoon dictator like Hugo Chavez dangerous influence.

End the illogical, ill-advised, ill-conceived offshore drilling moratorium. It's about time.

And that's just the way it is.