Mr. Speaker, a government spokesman has said people from poor countries are taking jobs and giving nothing back to the country. But the government spokesman was not from the United States, but Russia.

Under a new Russian crackdown on illegal immigration, illegals are being ordered out of the country and employers who hire them are being prosecuted. Russia is also securing its visa program against fraud. All of these actions are working. The illegals are leaving the country by the thousands. No massive deportation is needed. No amnesty or path to citizenship.

Similar to the United States, millions of illegals are crossing Russian borders. They take government resources from legal citizens. The Russian Government, however, unlike the U.S. Government, isn't giving in to those who want cheap plantation labor. The Russian Government doesn't care if illegals or businesses don't like the new rules.

Russia is enforcing border security by prosecuting illegals and those that hire them. The U.S. Government could learn something from Russia. Prosecute businesses that knowingly hire illegals, and illegals will leave. Russia has proven it. But does America have the moral will to do the same? We shall see.

And that's just the way it is.