Washington, Dec. 12 -

Mr. Speaker, the Supreme Court is the most important court in the world. However, very few citizens have the chance to watch the Supreme Court in action when historic lawsuits come before it. This is because the seating in the courtroom is limited. The Supreme Court will soon take up the health care bill and rule on its constitutionality. This monumental case affects every single American; yet only a select group will be able to attend the hearing.

Representative Gerry Connolly has introduced legislation that I support to allow cameras in the Supreme Court. A single nonintrusive-type camera, controlled by the Court staff would allow for greater access in the decisions made by the nine jurists in black robes. I know cameras can be placed in a courtroom without disruption because I was one of the first judges in Texas to allow cameras to film criminal cases.

A lack of seating capacity is no reason to deny the American people the right to see Supreme Court proceedings. The American people deserve an all-access pass to watch the High Court rule on the law of the land.

And that's just the way it is.