WASHINGTON, DCCongressman Ted Poe released the following statement after the failure of the Senate immigration bill:

It is the duty of Congress to secure Americas borders and stop the flow of illegal immigration. The Senates attempt to push through a flawed comprehensive bill that would give illegal immigrants a path to amnesty failed because the American people let their voices be heard. They told the Senate NO. This bills failure is a victory for our nations safety and security.

Granting amnesty thereby rewarding illegals who have broken the law does not solve our problem. It didnt solve the problem in 1986 and it wont work today. We must build the border fence approved in the 109th Congress and continue to pass legislation that will strengthen our border and enforce our laws, not one that will give people illegally in the country a free pass. It is a disgraceful message to send to the legal immigrants in our country and those in the process of coming here the right way. Our government can not have two sets of standards for people coming to our country, it is the very basis of discrimination.

It is impossible to address any immigration reform without securing our border first. The American people will not stand for amnesty any way you dress it up, nor will I.