Madam Speaker, they told us that ethanol from corn would save us all--save us from global warming and dependence on foreign oil, but it just isn't so.

The rush to till up more farmland may turn out to be a crop disaster. Science Magazine reports that "using good crop land to expand biofuels will increase global warming." The reason is, now farmers will need to plow under more forests and massive grasslands to grow enough of that "savior" corn. But doing so will release carbon stored in plants and soils.

The new evidence indicates, "after taking into account worldwide land use changes, corn-based ethanol will increase greenhouse gasses by (a staggering) 93 percent compared to gasoline over a 30-year period."

It is only logical that if farmland once used to grow corn that we eat is used to grow corn that we burn as fuel, more land will be needed for both agricultural production and ethanol production.

So here comes the big wipe out of massive amounts of land, all to subsidize an unproven, unpredictable industry that is potentially hazardous to our health.

And that's just the way it is.