The radical hate group Hamas in Gaza has refused to renew a truce with Israel. It has begun, once more, firing hundreds of Iranian made rockets into Israel. Numerous Israelis have died in the last 11 days.

Hamas wants to annihilate Israel because theyre Jews.

Hamas kills people that arent radical Muslims like themselves. Thats why they are called terrorists.

Hamas cowardly hides among civilians for cover; fires rockets; then is indignant if Israel defends itself. So Israel has moved into Gaza to find these bad guys.

Some world leaders rather than mounting pressure on Hamas to stop the rocket attacks are calling for a cease fire and even a withdrawal of Israeli forces from Gaza. In other words, peace at any price.

Peace ought to be a goal but not at all cost. Some things are worth fighting for.

Now its not the time for unrealistic, hopeful, idealism. Lives are on the line..

Men cry peace, peace but there can be no peace as long as Hamas continues to kill in the name of religion.

And thats just the way it is.