WASHINGTON, September 20 -


Mr. Speaker,

Elizabeth from Houston wrote me this about her business:

ìMy immigrant parents came to the Unites States legally. They had to learn English. My dad worked very hard. He opened several bars and restaurants, hired wait staff, cooks, bartenders, and cleaning people. There was never a dime of government assistance. Hard work, long hours, and sleepless nights were the norm for all of us. I learned their work ethic early, and I also have worked very hard for my family. No welfare, no government handouts.

This is my country, and I love this country as much as my parents did. But I do not respect the current President or his administration. They want to be in charge of all of us, from cradle to grave. That is not the American way. That is exactly what my parents and grandparents fled from. Please take us back to the right way.î

Mr. Speaker, Elizabethís family did it the right wayóand without Big Government getting in the way. They built their American Dream all on their own.

And thatís just the way it is.