Mr. Speaker, there is a Texas-sized force to be reckoned with in Italy. Chad Hedrick, the 28-year-old former inline skating icon from Spring, Texas, is speed skating his way to victory.

In the first day of Olympic competition, he has already garnered gold, the first for him and the United States in these Olympics. Chad's love for skating started at age 2 in roller skates at his parents' roller skating rink in Spring, Texas.

He grew up and became one of the world's most famous inline skaters, but he switched to speed stating only 4 years ago. Chad Hedrick is a contender for four more medals in the games in Italy, and he is off to a spectacular start.

Although the rink and the type of skates have changed, this hometown hero's passion and talents have only gotten stronger throughout the years, and his passion was shown when he became teary eyed when the Star Spangled Banner played as he was awarded the gold medal.

The entire State of Texas and the Nation congratulate Chad on this astounding accomplishment, and we will be cheering for him for the remainder of the games. As we say in Texas, get 'er done, Chad. And that's the way it is.