Mr. Speaker, recently a large group of Iranian dissidents held a peaceful rally in Paris calling for a free Iran. The participants expressed their demand for an end to the evil regime ruling Iran and a secular democracy put in its place. 

We have seen countless times how the mullahs in Iran are not fans of Iranians rallying for freedom. Repeatedly they have responded with violence to crush protests in the streets of Iran, including public hangings of government protestors. 

But this year they had the audacity to order an attack on the Iranian dissidents rallying in Paris. European police arrested multiple suspects armed with explosives, including an Iranian diplomat, who intended to target the rally that many Americans, including members of Congress, were attending.

The mullahs in Iran are the leading state sponsors of terrorism, so it should be no surprise that they would attempt to use terrorism to silence Iranians living in exile. The evil of this regime knows no limits. 

They will murder their own people wherever they speak out. Those responsible, including members of the regime in Tehran, must be held accountable.

The best hope for Iran and world peace is a regime change through free and fair elections. The land of Iran does not belong to the mullahs. 

It belongs to the people of Iran. It is long past time for the people of Iran to get their land back. 

The United States should publicly and politically support a regime change from the evil tyrants of Iran. The cause of freedom in Iran is just and righteous.

It will never be silenced. In the end democracy and justice will prevail. The torch of freedom cannot be quenched.

And that’s just the way it is.