Madam Speaker, the bugle sounds Taps. The flags of Texas and the U.S. are at half staff this crisp morning.

In the hill country of central Texas, the largest military base, a place called Fort Hood, soldiers and families mourn. They mourn for 13 of their own who have been murdered. They weep for 30 others who fill hospitals because of bullet wounds.

The soldiers were going about the business of making ready to deploy and defend this country overseas against tyranny and terrorism, only to face a terrorist here at home. A radicalized soldier named Nidal Hasan rejected his order to go abroad and took out his anger on those he knew.

We come upon Veterans Day next week where we honor our veterans, but let us here today in Congress on this solemn occasion give thought, prayer, and thanks to the men and women of the military who have volunteered to defend the rest of use against those forces of evil. We mourn with their families. These of our military are a rare breed,a unique breed, the American breed.

And that's just the way it is.