Washington, Oct 4 -


Mr. Speaker, NASA plans to send the shuttle Enterprise to New York City, a place that has no connection with NASA. In their sales pitch for the shuttle, the Intrepid Museum painted an extravagant picture of the orbiter prominently displayed in a beautiful facility on the Hudson River.

Now, in a misleading bait-and-switch move, they want to move this piece of space history next to a bagel joint, a car wash and a strip club to supposedly beautify the area. The shuttle should not be used as part of an urban renewal project.

The only place this shuttle should be heading to is Houstonís ìSpace City, U.S.A.,î the historical place for all space exploration. The first word on the Moon was ìHouston,î not ìNew York City.î And placing the shuttle in New York City is like putting the Statute of Liberty in Omaha, Nebraska. NASA and the Smithsonian should reconsider putting the shuttle in New York.

And thatís just the way it is.