Mr. Speaker, those dastardly deviants that are in the slave trade of human sex trafficking try to dehumanize their victim. Victims sometimes lose their self-worth and dignity of existence. 

Last Congress, the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act, led by Carolyn Maloney and myself, was enacted to go after traffickers and buyers to rescue victims. Now it is time to expose the identity of convicted traffickers and sellers of human beings. That is why Mrs. MALONEY and I have introduced the Shame Act. 

The Shame Act allows Federal judges to publicly publish the names and photographs of convicted traffickers and buyers. Shaming works. I successfully used it as a judge in Texas. Dubbed ‘‘poetic justice’’ by the media, I learned the last thing criminals want are their faces and crimes exposed to the public. 

It is time to let traffickers and buyers know they cannot hide their evil and the darkness. Put their photographs on billboards. Shame them. Shame them for their slave trade. 

And that is just the way it is.

Mr. Speaker, I include in the record the names of the organizations that support the Shame Act. 

1. Polaris. 2. The International Organization for Victim Assistance. 3. Shared Hope. 4. The National Organization for Victim Assistance. 5. The Texas Centers for Child Advocacy. 6. The Texas Court Appointed Special Advocates. 7. Stop Child Predators. 8. The Family Focused Treatment Association.