Mr. Speaker, I bring you news from the second front. The second front is the border war on the southern border of the United States between America and Mexico.

It is important that America understand that there is a violent atmosphere in Mexico, our neighbors to the south. It's a possibility that the government may collapse. There is chaos, there is high unemployment, and much of the blame goes to the drug cartels that are operating in Mexico. They are violent; they are mean; they have a lot of money; and it makes no difference who they kill that gets in their way to smuggle that cancer into the United States.

This should concern all of us. We cannot wait for the reaction of the violence along the Texas-Mexico border, especially, to come into the United States. We must be proactive and not wait for Americans to be killed before our country does something about it.

You know, our country protects the borders of other nations, nations that many Americans don't even know where they are on the map. But the first duty of government is to protect our Nation and protect our borders, especially from those narcoterrorists that come into the United States habitually.

Even the Department of Homeland Security now has actually admitted that there is a problem on the border. For so long, in my opinion, Homeland Security has done very little to protect our border in the southern part of the United States.

But Homeland Security has developed a plan involving the U.S. Northern Command to deploy the United States military to protect American citizens in the event the drug wars in Mexico spill into the United States.

Just last year, there were over 5,300 murders in Mexico, that's more murders in Mexico than the number of American troops killed in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan put together, and it's all because of the drug cartels and the violence that has occurred there.

I have had the opportunity to be on the Texas-Mexico border and the border all the way to California that we have with Mexico. I have been there many times, and every time I go, it's worse. The violence is terrible.

There used to be a time when Americans would go to Nuevo Laredo across the river from Laredo. Not any more. The three drug cartels are fighting for turf in Nuevo Laredo to smuggle drugs into the United States.

I want to read, Mr. Speaker, a portion of a military report that I have obtained from November 25, 2008, from the United States Joint Forces Command. It states that Mexico ``bear[s] consideration for a rapid and sudden collapse,'' because ``its politicians, police, and judicial infrastructure are all under sustained assault and pressure by criminal gangs and drug cartels.'' ``Any descent by Mexico into chaos would demand an American responsebased on the serious implications for homeland security alone.''

What this military report by our military says is the Mexican government could be on the verge of collapse because of the drug cartels. It should concern us that our neighbors to the south are having this problem. It's important to America that there be a stable government in Mexico and that we get a grip on the drug cartels and not wait for crimes to be committed in the United States, but immediately send our military to the United States-Mexico border so we can take care of those drug dealers that come into the United States.

A border sheriff once told me that the drug cartels that come into the country, have more money, have better equipment and more people than he has to fight them off. Now is the time to be prepared and send our military there to protect the integrity of the United States border.

It's important that we help Mexico, but, Mr. Speaker, I am not one that favors giving blanket checks to Mexico as we have done in the Merida Initiative, $1.5 billion we have sent down there in equipment and money. Unfortunately, it may happen that that equipment be used by the drug cartels against our border protectors. It's important that we reinforce this side of the United States border and be prepared for any action of the drug cartels that come across the border from Mexico and figure out other ways to help Mexico.

Border security is the number one issue in this country. It is time to secure our borders. The fight has already begun. We have to be engaged in this and protect the people of this country from the drug cartels.

And that's just the way it is.