Mr. Speaker, news from the front: the battle for the border continues. The news is disturbing. The enemy is among us. There are invaders here from other nations that were smuggled here, and they live in the shadow of crime. They prey on our families. Some are thieves; some are killers. According to the Government Accountability Office, 25 homicides a day are committed in this country by people that are illegally here. That is 10 times more Americans killed in Iraq since 2003. Americans pay for the prison cost to lock these outlaws up. Then when our government tries to deport them, eight nations refuse to take back their own people. So since we cannot detain these individuals indefinitely, our government lets them go, lets them go into the heartland of America, thereby letting these illegals free to roam our streets with a permanent get-out-of-jail-free card, and a permanent stay-in-America-forever card.

Mr. Speaker, this ought not to be. Eight countries turn a blind eye, a deaf ear on their illegals in America. Many of them are criminals. They have committed crimes and gone to our prisons, and these countries will not even take their own people back, even though they have lawfully been deported.

How many people are we talking about? In 1 year alone, these eight countries left more than 130,000 people ordered to be deported back to their homeland, and they refused to take these individuals. Many of these people were thieves and bandits, and they are left on our soil.

The detention cost to Americans was $83 million.

Mr. Speaker, Americans pay. They always pay for illegal entry. That is $10 million more than the people in my district got after their lives were ripped apart by Hurricane Rita. And despite all that money spent, we are forced to turn these immigrant inmates out on our streets, many to prey on our families, many to strike again, many to steal again.

We foot the bill for their prison stay, then their countries won't take them back. This isn't a matter of illegals ignoring a deportation order and disappearing into the night. It is about eight countries who ignore their obligations. Some of these countries accept foreign aid from the United States.

Who are these eight countries? They include China, Iran, India, Jamaica, Vietnam, Ethiopia. These countries put up immigration obstacles impossible for our government to hurdle, but these same nations gladly take our foreign aid. They gladly take that free American money, but won't take back their own people.

Also, America allows 123,000 legal visas each year to be issued to these nations. So, Mr. Speaker, these nations cannot have it both ways. Take our money and take your illegals back, or no more American money. We should deny foreign aid to nations that refuse to accept their lawfully deported illegals. We should deny American visas to those nations who refuse to take back their lawfully deported citizens. America cannot allow this nonsense to continue.

Mr. Speaker, the war for the border continues, but we will not let ourselves become bogged down by the demands and expectations of the leaders of these obstinate eight, these nations who expect money from our pockets, but won't take back their criminals who have picked our pockets. That's just the way it is.