WASHINGTON, February 5 -


Mr. Speaker, Ronald from Kingwood, Texas, writes me this:

My family and I paid taxes, raised a family, contributed to the community and our church. But we are very disappointed in Washington. Our government is spending money it doesn't have. And our President says, in other words, Tax those Americans who have worked hard, balanced their household budgets, saved, and have been successful.

My wife and I always thought that was the American Dream. In 2013, our taxes have gone up. Why? Why? Why? Because Congress doesn't cut its spending. There should be no tax increases on any Americans until there are significant spending cuts. Normal Americans can't simply borrow money. So why should government? I've worked hard for what I've achieved. Now why should we pay more taxes just because Washington has a spending addiction?

Mr. Speaker, we can't tax our way and spend our way into prosperity.

And that's just the way it is.