Madam Speaker, 3 years ago this month, the fight for liberation of Iraq began in the hot desert lands of the Middle East. On March 19, 2003, American soldiers embarked on the war against tyranny, treachery and terrorism. Since then, thousands of brave, passionate Americans have fought for freedom for the Iraqi people.

As the song says, all have given some, and some have given all in this battle for liberty and justice. The Americans went to Iraq as freedom fighters and have established a democracy in that place that has never known true freedom.

Those young Americans are all volunteers, and more Americans are joining the military each day to continue this battle.

When I was in Iraq, I visited with those Americans, and they told me they are winning this war on terror, and I agree with them. This is the finest military ever assembled in history, and we owe them our support and our resolve. I paraphrase what President Kennedy said, We will support any friend, oppose any foe, pay any price to secure the defense of liberty.

Some things are just worth fighting for, and freedom is one of those things. God bless these Americans, and that's just the way it is.