Madam Speaker, Houston Police Officer Rodney Johnson was the best of the best, but he was killed by the worst of the worst.

An illegal outlaw from Mexico, Juan Leonardo Quintero-Perez, shot Officer Johnson four times in the back of the head after a routine traffic stop. Officer Johnson would still be alive today, enjoying time with his five children and his wife, Joslyn, a fellow Houston police officer, if our border was protected.

This lawless trespasser had already been deported for indecency with a child in 1998, but he sneaked across the border again to continue his crime spree. After coming to Houston, Quintero finally confessed to murdering one of Houston's finest.

Today, Quintero is on trial for capital murder in Houston, but the Mexican government, rather than pay restitution to the Johnson family, is paying for the battery of defense lawyers representing this cold-blooded cop killer.

Mexico is meddling in the U.S. court system, but Juan Quintero cannot miss his judgment day and his day with his Maker, because justice is what we do in America, even if the Mexican government doesn't like it.

And that's just the way it is.