Mr. Speaker, a Federal judge stated yesterday the administration's ban on deepwater drilling was improper and illegal. The government imposed a 6-month moratorium after the BP disaster. Non-BP oil-related industries sued, saying the ban would put them out of business and cost thousands of jobs.

The government tried to justify the ban, but the judge said, "The government's explanation abuses reason and common sense." The government claimed its engineers supported the ban, but that's just not true.

The judge granted the injunction, stating the ban was "arbitrary", "capricious" and "punitive". In other words, the administration had no scientific basis for this absurd moratorium. The judge stated the oil-related industries "would suffer irreparable harm" by the moratorium. Of course, the administration doesn't care. Determined to stop deepwater drilling, the administration is going to appeal and issue another moratorium.

Mr. Speaker, why does the administration hate the energy industry in the gulf? Why does the administration want to purposely destroy American jobs? President Reagan was right: "The government is the problem."

And that's just the way it is.