Madam Speaker, even though the alarmist global warming crowd claim humans are the evil CO2 pollutants of earth, the jury is still out on the theory of global warming.

At a recent meeting of the International Conference on Climate Change, as reported by the Heritage Foundation, 31,072 American scientists subscribe to this statement: ``There is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gases is causing or will, in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the earth's atmosphere and disruption of the earth's climate.''

Madam Speaker, how can this be? We're all told that global warming is a fact, and don't even argue this issue.

Even though global warming is still a theory, it hasn't stopped the Federal Government from presuming it to be an absolute fact, and it now has an energy policy based upon the global warming theory. It proposes an energy consumption tax called the cap-and-trade, or the cap and tax on all Americans and all businesses that use any form of energy.

Here's the plan. Every person and business that uses energy will be taxed for the use of that energy. For example, if a homeowner turns on the lights in their home, they will be taxed for the use of the electricity in that house.

If a person wants hot water in their house and they turn on the hot water, coming from the hot water heater that's usually heated by natural gas, they'll be taxed for that use of that hot water because they're using the energy of natural gas.

If you turn on the furnace in the winter in the Northeast, you'll be taxed because you're using home heating oil. All of these taxes are called the cap-and-trade, or cap-and-tax, as I call them.

What this means is that it will increase the taxes of individual homeowners in this country, about 50 percent a year. And of course, it will raise taxes on businesses. Businesses, as they normally do, will send that tax on down to the consumer, and the consumer will have to pay for that tax.

How much are we talking about? Individuals will have to pay an additional $1,800 a year for this new energy tax, this new cap-and-tax that will be placed on Americans.

Madam Speaker, Americans don't need or want any more taxes for any reason. Supposedly, this money's going to be used to subsidize green energy products. Now we're learning that so-called renewable energy may be more expensive than the use of nuclear power and fossil energy.

Madam Speaker, remember how we were all told that ethanol was going to save us all; how it's not going to pollute like crude oil; how it's going to be cheap renewable energy? Now we're learning something opposite.

We learned that it costs too much to produce ethanol without a Federal subsidy. It caused a food shortage not only in the United States but throughout the world, because we had the idea that we should burn corn for energy.

And we also learned that ethanol was, in fact, a pollutant. Now people don't talk so much about the benefits of ethanol, although the Federal Government has spent millions and millions of dollars with the ethanol program.

Madam Speaker, no question about it. We need to explore all types of energy, solar, hydrogen, wind and nuclear. But we should also use the resources we have, like clean coal and crude. We need them to provide energy for Americans.

Madam Speaker, America's the only country that doesn't use its own natural resources for its energy, and that includes the fact that we should drill offshore because that will bring jobs to America. It will keep money in America, instead of going overseas. And that lease revenue that the oil companies pay will go to the Federal Treasury. We need to do all of the above until we can move to alternative energy.

And that's just the way it is.