Mr. Speaker, the Federal Government is hoarding American land. The bureaucrats own about 640 million acres of it. That is 27 percent of America, larger than all of Western Europe.

The government cannot afford this massive estate. Notice this map. All the red area is what the Federal Government owns . Over half the West is owned by the Federal Government.

Day by day, unused and unmaintained land sits idle. Instead of Uncle Sam hoarding this land, the government should consider selling the land to Americans. To be clear, I am not talking about selling off national parks, monuments, forests, or protected areas--just unused land and unmaintained land the government doesn't take care of .

The revenue from the sales could go toward reducing the debt or improving transportation. Plus, the sale of land would help State and local governments because new property owners will be paying taxes on the land.

Time for the Federal Government to let Americans own more of America. Does Uncle Sam really need all of this land?

And that is just the way it is.