Mr. Speaker, Congress is spending money we don't have on things we cannot afford. We spent billions on the so-called stimulus that hasn't worked. The government took over the car industry and gave money to the fat cats on Wall Street. Congress gave money, America's money, to the banking industry, and this House passed a national energy tax.

The government is out of control. Nearly 10 percent of the people are unemployed. With these hard economic times, now we are told we have to spend $1 trillion on a health care bill that is still confusing to most Americans. Where are we supposed to get the money?

We cannot continue to spend money we don't have and borrow it from our "friends" like China. This spending will cause inflation, and eventually somebody is going to get a massive tax increase to pay for a government gone wild.

Some taxacrats wish to tax small businesses into oblivion, the backbone of our country. Even if this were the greatest health care bill in the world, we can't afford to tax more Americans to pay for it. The American people deserve a break from all the spending, borrowing and taxation.

And that's just the way it is.